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Nightroad Studios is a design house based in Los Angeles. 

We bring your creative visions to life. 


Nightroad Studios offers a range of services to fit your project's needs, including but not limited to: concept art, story boarding, production design, IP branding, pitch packaging, and VFX consulting. 

We specialize in storytelling through design, and ensure that your vision is actualized at the highest level.


Concept / Visual Development


Production Design

Poster Design

Proof of Concept

IP Branding  




If you have a scheduling inquiry for our creative services please feel free to contact us here: 

+1 818 579 3995


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His most recent projects include the award-winning short film, "Uncario," and "Seized," a quarantine short-film production, both directed by Didier and produced by Stommelhaus. 


From a young age, Didier always dreamed of becoming a filmmaker. But when he saw Steven Spielberg’s “Jurassic Park” for the first time, he was so completely enamored by the visual effects and unique story that he dove headfirst into learning everything he could about film. While attending design-specific lower and upper school, Konings made numerous amateur movies with his childhood friends – many of which won prizes in several competitions – which became the base for his career in the film industry.


As Didier got older, his movies became more professional. At the age of 17, he directed a low-budget feature film titled “Boys in War,” a personal project he worked on for four years. While creating the world of “Boys in War,” Didier discovered his passion for environment design and matte painting. Soon after, he enrolled in the Netherlands Film Academy where he specialised in Digital Matte Painting and Concept Art. His portfolio was so visually compelling that he was offered an internship at Aaron Sims Creative in Los Angeles, where he worked from 2014 to 2020.


Didier lent his concept art, production design, and visual effects skills to the short film The Space Between Us, which was nominated for the DIORAPHTE AWARD in the Netherlands Film Festival 2015. It also won the prizes for the BEST SHORT FILM and BEST INTERNATIONAL FILM at the Australia Sci-Fi Film Festival in 2015.


Didier worked full-time at Aaron Sims Creative in Los Angeles for the last five years. As the Lead Digital Matte Painter and Concept Artist, he worked on several blockbusters and delivered iconic concept design work and memorable visual effects. Some highlights include: key scenes for Rampage (Dir. Brad Peyton, starring Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson), the majestic worlds of the film A Wrinkle in Time (Dir. Ava DuVernay, starring Oprah Winfrey, Reece Witherspoon, and Chris Pine), the design for Themyscira Island from the film Wonder Woman (Dir. Patty Jenkins, starring Gal Gadot and Chris Pine), the bizarre Upside Down world for the hit TV series Stranger Things, several matte paintings for The Conjuring 2, and the fantastical worlds for the Chinese blockbuster Asura, to name a few.

Multicultural and bilingual (English & Spanish) film professional, with 20+ years of experience in film and TV. A passionate and empathic communicator and strong believer of team based success.

Currently involved in managing the artistic resources; both foreign (Thailand, Britain, India, etc.) and domestic of  his current workplace, while ensuring that all of the commitments are met timely and in complete adherence to our quality standards. Personally handling I/O of the digital deliverables while having direct communication with clients such as Netflix, Disney, Fox, Warner Brothers, etc.

While having years of experience as a feature film/TV digital compositor and Visual Effects artist, Mauricio's technical skills and expertise involve most aspects of film/video production and post-production. When possible Mauricio also does work as a freelance digital film camera owner/operator and a DaVinci Resolve Colorist. One of his medium term goals is to become a content creator through digital film.

For the past few years, Mauricio has been given the opportunity to not only work in some of the top Hollywood productions, but also train his fellow VFX artists, which is something he deeply enjoys. He has done both of these in different countries, to multi-cultural audiences. Mauricio met and surpassed his employer's expectations in this field, as he is highly communicative and culturally adaptable.


Creative Producer for NightRoad Studios.

Simon's involvement on projects is a rotation of numerous roles from 3D/2D concept artist to modeler sculptor, animator and creative director for very small teams and world building.

During his education Simon originally gained recognition for his involvements in short CG animations as he aimed for feature film quality in a extremely short production cycles.

At the Office Simon is largely responsible for the development of workflows that allow for a large quantity of production models, produced by a small amount of artists. He is constantly polishing our methods of asset creation from both a designer's perspective as a production artist's. Simon primarily uses Zbrush, 3D coat and Photoshop for concept-design creation. Maya/Blender in combination with Fusion 360 for high quality and precise production modelling aimed at rendering real-time applications and 3D printing solutions.


CG SUPERVISOR for NightRoad Studios.

Head of Research and Public Relations at Nightroad Studios. She works behind the scenes, spreading the word on our independent films and projects. 

A Berklee College of Music alumna, Emily Shearman has expertise in both the music industry and the creative field of film production. During her time at JB Productions, she worked on the crew for award-winning films such as Sylvie's Love (2020) and Manifest Destiny Down: Spacetime (2019).  


Emily has held several musical residencies across the world from Florence, Italy to Los Angeles, California where she is currently based. She has penned top hits for popular artists such as Floyd Fuji and Max Embers.


As a writer from a young age, she has carried her skill into her musical career and has now expanded into press and public relations for independent films. She has always had a natural curiosity and hunger for knowledge which has led her to become Head of Research and Public Relations at Nightroad Studios. She works behind the scenes, spreading the word on our independent films and projects. 


RESEARCH and PUBLIC RELATIONS for NightRoad Studios.


Director and Lead Artist for NightRoad Studios.

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