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Welcome to Nightroad Studios Consulting! For those who are looking to launch their passion projects, to learn more about pitching their ideas, or searching for help in what the next step should be, Didier Konings is here to help. Through years of experience, he has learned many helpful lessons and will be able to share and impart wisdom to developing artists.


As far as Didier can remember he has been fascinated with films and filmmaking. In 1997, Didier and his friends started making films with limited resources, a VHS camera, and a desire to find creative ways to tell their stories or recreate iconic scenes.  Not every child is interested in behind the scenes footage from their favorite movie, but Didier would spend hours as a kid finding out how the magic behind beloved films came to life. The "no budget" approach required him to think out of the box and to come up with creative solutions. That, in combination with a focus on visual and special effect techniques formed the foundation of Didier's filmmaking career.  

He and his friends participated in film contests and won several local awards in the Netherlands. 

After working in the industry as a concept and visual effect artist for many years, he started to feel that he wasn’t completely creatively fulfilled and wanted to express his own visions, stories and ideas. He yearned to get back in touch with the passion he felt as a young filmmaker. When Uncario began to come into view as a concept, Didier knew he would be working with a low budget and would have to find creative solutions to make the short film what they hoped it could be. Years later, after a hefty learning curve and a lot of hard work, the passion project was complete. Uncario went on to win awards at eight different film festivals across the world, with screenings at twelve others. The world of Uncario begged for a deeper exploration, and is now in development to become a feature film.

Didier has a specific skill set with insider information on the world of concept art, previsualization, moodboarding, storyboarding, cinematography, pitch decks, visual effects, practical effects, and much more. He has learned through trial and error how to think outside the box, knowing exactly where to invest time and money in development and production to get the most out of whatever budget someone is working with. In the end, his projects always shock audiences with the high production value for an up-and-coming director. His newest ventures delve into the world of music video production and direction (In My Breath- Matthew Santos, Signs- Quinn Alexander), as well as a mid-length feature film greenlit to go into production in 2023.

Please reach out to for more information on consultation availability and pricing.

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